Ingrina and the Caves

A lesser-known spot than Benagil Cave and Ponta da Piedade, this piece of coast is also a top quality paddle. The rocks here are limestone rather than sandstone, leading to complex caves which twist, turn and open up into cathedral-like structures.

The emerald green water can be a result of light shining through underwater openings, or a nearby cave with a skylight. A good clue to explore further. The entrances twist and turn and at some states of tide, or if you are in a long boat, there may be some parts that you can only reach by jumping out of your boat and swimming. The explorer on the right has remembered to bring a waterproof bag for her phone!

Access is easy, as there is parking at Praia da Ingrina right by the beach. Turn right (west) and you can explore the area all the way to Praia do Barranco, a sandy beach where you can stop for a rest before returning. Praia do Barranco is less ideal as an entry point because the access road is long, bumpy and unpaved. Its relative isolation has allowed a hippie colony to develop and you may see either nudists, or “surfer dudes” passing the time waiting for the next perfect wave by selling handicrafts, massages, and who knows what else.
If you have spare time at Praia da Ingrina, there is a fort to the east you can paddle towards, good snorkelling and a restaurant. Allow a couple of hours on the water for a typical trip.

Beginners can kayak or SUP around here safely when the conditions are right (Check here on Surfline). Many summer mornings will be calm and still.

If the Nortada north wind is blowing, as is common in summer afternoons, the sea is likely to be calm, but stay close to the cliffs or you risk being blown offshore.

A southerly wind may bring exciting swell for rock hopping, but in any kind of waves, bring a good kayak and a helmet as it may be a challenge to get in and out of the caves… hopefully a fun challenge and a good test of surf awareness and boat control.

Sea Kayaking Sagres do tours here in quality sea kayaks. There are also tour operators using double sit on tops and SUPs.

If you are interested in paddling further to the west, check out my page about Sagres. To the east, the next big attraction is Lagos and Ponta da Piedade.